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  June 2017

Managing Authorities and National Networks will help FLAGs go beyond “business as usual”

Managing Authorities and National Networks met last May in Brussels to work on the implementation of fisheries CLLD. The main focus of the meeting was on ensuring FLAGs become operational as soon as possible, on addressing monitoring and evaluation-related issues such as data collection, and on encouraging innovative projects by FLAGs, including through cooperation.

The two-day meeting was an opportunity to take stock of the implementation process in terms of FLAG selection and operationalization and to work on a bi/tri-lateral basis to address questions and challenges specific to each Member State. Discussions and presentations helped MAs find ways to encourage FLAGs to think creatively and experiment with new project ideas necessary for the development of fisheries communities. MAs contemplated how their programs could proactively provide guidance on innovation and promote cooperation through various activities. To view the presentations and find out the outcomes of the discussions, visit the meeting’s website page.


Social inclusion and CLLD

The FARNET seminar “Social inclusion for vibrant fishing communities” took place in late March in Jūrmala, Latvia and was designed to help FLAGs integrate social inclusion into their strategies, share experiences on cooperating with relevant stakeholder organisations and address the social challenges of their areas. The report from the seminar, in a re-designed format, is available on the event's page on the FARNET website.

The seminar’s coverage is useful for those who participated as well as those who did not attend, therefore we encourage you to use it as a communication tool and point of reference. The topic of social inclusion in fisheries communities and related projects will be further developed in the next upcoming guide on social inclusion, to be published soon.


29-30 June
A Sea of Dialogues – CIHEAM Bari and NEMO Project
Tricase, Italy

15 September
2017 Black Sea Stakeholder Conference on Blue Economy
Batumi, Georgia

26 September
Seminar "State of Fish Stocks and the Economics of Fishing Fleets" – DG MARE
Brussels, Belgium

29 September
World Maritime Day

9-12 October
European Week of Regions and Cities 2017
Brussels, Belgium

10-12 October
Beyond 2020: Supporting Europe’s Coastal Communities – DG MARE
Tallinn, Estonia

8 November
4th Atlantic Stakeholder Platform Conference
Glasgow, UK

21 November
World Fisheries Day

20-22 November
FARNET’s 5th Transnational Seminar on Aquaculture
Weiden, Germany

Other news

A FARNET Guide to boost business in your fisheries area
The guide provides tools for FLAGs aiming to strengthen the value chains in their area. It offers inspiration and methods to help fisheries businesses access the knowledge, networks and funding necessary to undertake new activities and imagine new ways of working. It’s available in EN - DE - EL - ES - FR - IT - PL.

FLAGs making the headlines!
- Latvian FLAGs for their projects on social inclusion in the fisheries sector
- UK FLAGs for their user-friendly EMFF application system and their progress in project selection so far
- Ría de Pontevedra FLAG for supporting the installation of a new automated auction system at their local fish market
- Dorset and East Devon FLAG for its launch and EMFF grant
- Venetian FLAG for submitting the winning photo of Maria for FARNET’s social inclusion photo competition, taken by Cinzia Gozzo
- North Thames FLAG for their launch in March and site visits to a co-op and processing sheds
- Mariña-Ortegal FLAG for hosting a visit from the FARNET Support Unit for a reportage in the next FARNET Magazine
- Costa da Morte and Costa Sostible FLAGs for their international cooperation initiatives and upcoming exchanges with the Ría de Aveiro FLAG

Support from the EMFF: Opportunities for small-scale coastal fishermen
DG MARE recently released a four-page leaflet listing the support the EMFF can bring to small-scale coastal fishermen throughout their professional life. You may find this useful when supporting fishermen in your areas to access funding. The four-page leaflet is simple and easy-to-understand, ideal to use for communication purposes. You can download the leaflet here.
Presenting CLLD to Fisheries Economists
The 23rd Conference of the European Association of Fisheries Economists (EAFE) took place on 25-27 April in Dublin, hosted by the Fisheries Economics Group of Bord Iascaigh Mhara, the Irish Sea Fisheries Board. At the conference, the FARNET Support Unit presented the recent work done on the role of FLAGs in supporting small-scale coastal fisheries in Europe. Results of this work will soon be published on the FARNET website.
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