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   November 2015

CLLD: it's starting! FARNET Seminar: implementing CLLD across the ESI Funds

This first FARNET seminar of the new programming period will help to support the managing authorities (MAs) of the European Structural and Investment (ESI) Funds in implementing the CLLD approach, and to foster cooperation to ensure the most efficient use of the funding available. The event will take place in Edinburgh, Scotland, from the 8th to 10th December 2015.

The possibility of supporting CLLD has now been extended to all the ESI Funds. Uptake under the EAFRD and the EMFF is quite significant already, while the ERDF and ESF are now also adopting this approach and this is expected to provide an important boost to the impact of EU funding at local level.  CLLD has an important role to play in addressing many of the challenges currently facing Europe, and projects and initiatives developed in this context could benefit from appropriate interventions from more than one fund. The seminar aims to assist MAs in launching their CLLD programmes. It will also seek to strengthen cooperation between ESI Funds at EU level, and between MAs at national and regional level, with a view to encouraging a better integration of the funds locally.

In the coming months, FARNET Flash will provide regular updates on CLLD developments across the EU.

  LIFE platform meeting Poland

ICT15: the digital transformation will be locally led

On 21 October, the FARNET Support Unit (FSU) organised a capacity building event at the “Innovate, Connect, Transform” ICT15 event in Lisbon, Portugal. This popular three-day event attracted almost 6000 participants, and the FSU, in the presence of two related Axis 4 projects, demonstrated how FLAGs and CLLD are supporting the digital transformation of Europe’s fisheries and coastal communities.

The event raised awareness of how CLLD can help local communities and fisheries professionals to embrace and take ownership of new information and communication technologies (ICTs) to strengthen their position in the market and dynamise supply chains, for example, by using social media or online sales platforms. 

Different examples were presented, showing how ICTs can have a much greater impact in the small-scale fisheries sector, helping to increase traceability, simplify the collection of catch data, and open up new communication channels, providing opportunities to transfer knowledge and tell the local story. The presence of Axis 4 projects such as  Drecklyfish and Télécapêche, but also guest projects such as the Horizon2020 Bluebridge project, reinforced the message that digital empowerment through local development can lead to more inclusive, resilient and sustainable fisheries communities. 

Are you involved in a digital project that impacts positively on your local community? Let us know by sending details to info@farnet.eu.  


25 November
National Network kick off meeting
Stockholm, Sweden

28-29 November
Mediterranean Low Impact Fishermen (LIFE) workshop
Athens, Greece

30 November
Sectoral social dialogue committee for fisheries
Brussels, Belgium

3 December
CleanSea Final Symposium and Film Presentation
Amsterdam, The Netherlands

7 December
Conference on maritime spatial planning and marine environment
Brussels, Belgium

FARNET 9-10 December
Implementing CLLD across the ESI Funds
Edinburgh, Scotland (UK)

Other news
Local project reaches global audience: The Cornwall and Isles of Scilly FLAG is proud to have supported the Global Wave Conference during its development stages, not only financially, but also with animation and project development. Read more...

FLAGs, you are FARNET! To help build the European identity of Fisheries CLLD, remember to use the FARNET visual toolkit, and to include and adapt the FARNET logo in your visual identity. Here are some examples of how this has been done by the Galician FLAGs and Terre di Mare in Italy. Have you used the FARNET logo? Share your example on our Facebook page.

Update on EMFF Operational Programmes (OPs): Since the last edition of FARNET Flash, more Member States, including Croatia, Greece and Poland, have had their OPs approved. Find out more about progress in all EMFF recipient countries in the country files, available on the website of DG MARE.

Proud to be a fisher….WOman! The FAO held a workshop on the 7th of October in Vigo on “Shaping an international network for women in the seafood industry”. The event comes at a time when a growing number of voices, at international, national and local level, are calling for better recognition and representation of women in decision-making processes. FARNET was there: Read more...
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